Vila Baluošas is located in the village of Čistabora in the Molėtai district (only 6 km or 8 minutes by the center of Dubingiai), the Asveja Regional Park is a great place on the shore of Lake Baluoša, with picturesque countryside and beautiful nature. Every one of you can create a great holiday here. For yourself, your friends or your company.

The homestead has four rental properties

main house 2 floors, 350 m2

house with fireplace 2 floors, 150 m2

house with fireplace 2 floors, 150 m2

sauna house 1 floor, 50 m2

Weddings are one of the most beautiful holidays in life, so it’s no wonder that many want to mention it as fun and memorable as possible. Villa Baluošas is perfect for celebrating this occasion, as you can enjoy the brilliant pastime with fresh air and beautiful views of the area.

We pay special attention to food: it is always fresh, it is produced locally in a modern kitchen. Conference and holiday menus are arranged in advance. Contact us and discuss your needs and events menu.

Baluošas – The lake in eastern Lithuania, in Švenčionys district, about 15 km northwest of Pabradė and 6 km east of Dubingiai, in the Molėtai district. The surroundings are surrounded by Dubingiai Forest, with 5 islands in the lake with a total area of 2.4 ha. At the bottom of the east, and on the west are oblong hollows. The water transparency in the summer is 2.8 m, the lake is characterized by diversity of vegetation and fish species, therefore we recommend this lake for a cognitive bottom observation.